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Recovery Tips For Mommy Makeover Surgery

Motherhood comes with joys and trepidation it is accompanied by a period of lush hair glowing skin and lovely body. But all that fades away and women are left to deal with flabby tummy, saggy breast, excessive fat, loose vagina and skin problems. But the good thing about these problems is that it can be fixed. All the aforementioned problems have a solution, namely Mommy Makeover. This unique concept is designed to give a mother her pre pregnancy body back. The surgeries that can fix your body issues include Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty, skin treatment and breast augmentation. These surgeries will give you a better lease at yourself confidence. But the trick to excellent results post any surgery is good recovery. So here are a few recovery tips that will give you the best results post mommy makeover surgery, should you ever undergo one.Get additional information at
1) Go easy on your body
You need complete rest to recover well. Avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks. Have someone else hardly takes that involves lots of bending or too much exercise. You need to give your body enough time to heal.
2) Wear your compression garment
Compression garments are provided to the patients to help with the swelling. Your doctor will advise wearing a compression garment around the area you were treated in. Keep wearing these garments till your doctor tells you to.
3) Take your medicines
Pain killers are provided to you to help you with the discomfort that is associated with any surgery. These will be prescribed to you by your doctor and you should take them as advised to you. With these, your recovery will be swift and nearly pain free.
4) Eat right
You need to eat healthy to recover well and follow a diet that will keep you healthy and fit. Just because you had a surgery doesn’t mean that your body won’t go back to the previous shape, you need to work on keeping your body healthy and fine.
5) Avoid alcohol and nicotine
Alcohol during your recovery may set you back severely. Alcohol should not be mixed with medicines, as you might still be using painkillers to alleviate pain. Apart from that nicotine is bad for your health and stamina during recovery, avoid both these.
6) Follow up regularly
Do not skip the follow up appointments post surgery. These help your surgeon assess your needs and what you need to do to have the best results. It will help speed up the recovery process considerably.