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Employee Engagement – 7 Activities to Boost Morale

Globalization has made geographical borders, time and distance irrelevant. Technological advancement in communications and transportation will further fuel this trend in the future.Employee engagement activities have to be taken up in right earnest to ensure that the best talent is retained and fresh talent is attracted to the organization.Have a look at employee engagement for more info on this.
Constant challenges, an encouraging environment, supportive superiors, an ambience that is receptive to innovation – these are some of the basic necessities to ensure that employees engage in their work wholeheartedly.
Team members who give suggestions to improve employee engagement should be suitably rewarded. Below are some of the activities that can be taken up to increase employee engagement:
Make a list of employees who have completed more than five years of service. Senior management should personally hand over an appreciation letter to such employees and also offer financial incentive in the form of loyalty bonus.
Majority of employees detest from coming out with their frank opinions or innovative suggestions fearing ridicule or indifference from their superiors. One day of the month should be set aside for allowing employees to present their ideas, suggestions or opinions on any company strategy or policy in complete privacy to the top management. A separate innovation department should be created that will follow up on ideas that are considered viable by the management.
Every quarter conduct a survey to find out how satisfied the employees are with the present job profile and ask them what change in the workplace will give them utmost satisfaction. Implement feasible changes and give the employee sufficient time to deliver on his word.

Recognize and reward productive employees. Never allow personal proximity take precedence over performance. Appreciation encourages the craving for recognition and motivates the employee to take on tougher tasks in the future.
Birthdays of all the employees should be celebrated in the office.
The head of the organization should host a party for all the employees and their families on the occasion of the organization’s founding day.

Employee engagement is vital to the sustenance and future growth of an organization. Any activity intended to improve it should be encouraged.