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A Closer Look Into Legal Kratom Canada

Today, kratom is being used to treat health issues as well as for recreational uses. We believe that both uses are okay as long as the user is well educated and uses the plant responsibly. With kratom there is a common saying,”less is more”. When you start increasing your doses you can reach a point where the plant is not doing much for you anymore and you become somewhat dependent on it. The trick is to taper down to smaller doses. With kratom, a smaller dose can go just as far if not further than a larger dose. If you wish to learn more about this, visit

Legal Statues?

On 30 August 2016, the DEA announced its intention to place the active materials in the kratom plant into Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act as a warning about an imminent hazard to public safety. This was met with strong protests among the kratom community who use the plant for medicinal reasons. A white house petition against the scheduling of kratom was signed by over 140,000 people. In October 2016, the DEA withdrew its notice of intent while inviting public comments over a review period ending 1 December 2016.

Today kratom is in a grey area, where it is not approved by the FDA to sell for human consumption as a supplement. Most Online vendors sell the products with an attached disclaimer reading “not for human consumption” or “our products are sold for botanical and research purposes only”. For these reasons we believe it is very important to educate the general public about this magical plant.

Extracts can do wonders for people who are really suffering, it can blend with plain leaf to give the most desirable results. It also has some down sides, the continuing use of extracts has the potential to raise your tolerance to the point where you find yourself not feeling anything from plain leaf. It is important to recognize if your tolerance is becoming too high and begin to taper down your doses. With kratom less is more!Kratom extracts are a more potent form of the leaf. They have beed made popular primarily by western countries due to the large demand of new and stronger kratom products. Kratom extracts can come in a few different forms typically they are either resins, tinctures, liquids or oils. There are many ways to make kratom extracts, the most common method is an alcohol or water extraction. You can also do CO2 or acid base extractions. What gives the extract its unique properties is the method used to make it and the choice of plain leaf. Extracts are known to be much stronger than plain leaf because of the higher concentration of alkaloids per gram.